American Institute of Certified Public Account


[AICPA] 캘리포니아 AICPA 라이센스 취득을 위한 신청자격은?


Citizenship Requirement(시민권)

Residency Requirement(거주지역)

Age Requirement(나이)

Education Requirement for License(라이센스 요청 학력요구사항)
• Bachelor degree or above
(학사학위 이상)
• 150 semester credit hours
(150학점 이상)

• Accounting courses 24 credit hours
(회계관련 24학점)
• Business courses: 24 credit hours
(경영관련 24학점)
• Accounting Study : 20 credit hours
(회계/경영관련 추가 20학점)
• Ethics Study: 10 credit hours
(윤리관련 10학점)

*Must pass California Professional Ethics Exam
Ethics Exam을 통과해야함

Experience requirements for License(라이센스 취득시 경력요구사항)
• 1 year general experience which includes any type of service or advice involving the use of accounting, attest, compilation, management advisory, financial advisory, tax or consulting skills.
1년 이상 회계실무경험
• For those wishing to sign attest reports, the experience shall include 500 hours of attest.
근무시간 500시간 이상
• Non-public accounting work is accepted but it has to be verified by an active US CPA licensee. For public accounting work, it can possibly be verified by “CPA equivalent”
Non-public 경력자는 active US CPA licensee 사인 필수, public 경력자는 CPA에 준하는 보스 사인도 가능


라이센스 취득요건

취득학점 150학점 이상
– General License 실무경력 1년
– Attest License 실무경력 1년 + 감사 500시간

General License : Taxation(세무보고), Consulting(컨설팅업무)가 가능합니다.

Attest License : Audit(감사업무)까지 진행이 가능합니다.
→ General License 취득 후, 500시간의 감사업무 경력 요건이 충족되면 Attest License로 전환하실 수 있습니다.

Accounting courses 24 credit hours(회계관련 24학점 과목리스트) – 24 Semester / 36 Quarter Units

External or Internal Reporting
Financial Reporting
Financial Statement Analysis

Business courses: 24 credit hours(경영관련 24학점) 과목리스트 – 24 Semester / 36 Quarter Units

Business Administration
Business Communication
Business Law
Business Management
Business Related Law Courses (offered by an accredited law school)
Computer Science
Information Systems
Finance (e.g. Financial Management)

Accounting Study : 20 credit hours(회계/경영관련 추가 20학점)

• Minimum 6 semester units in accounting subjects
회계관련 최소 6학점 – 위의 회계관련 과목리스트 참고
• Maximum 14 semester units in business-related subjects
경영관련 최대 14학점 – 위의 경영과목리스트 참고
• Maximum 9 semester units in other academic work relevant to business and accounting (maximum 3 units from
any one area)
기타과정 9학점 – 아래 3가지 카테고리당 각 3학점 가능

1. Skills-based courses – Courses completed in the following disciplines: English, Communications, Journalism, and the Physical, Life, Natural, & Social Sciences (스킬 카테고리)
2. Foreign Languages/ Courses in foreign languages (including sign language) and courses with the
Cultural & Ethnic Studies – terms culture, cultural, or ethnic in the titles (외국어 카테고리)
3. Industry-based courses – Courses with the words “industry” or “administration” in the title or courses
completed in the following disciplines: Engineering, Architecture, and Real Estate (산업 카테고리)

• Maximum 4 semester units in internships/independent studies in accounting and/or business-related subjects(회계분야 관련 인턴쉽으로 최대 4학점)

*** 위 4개 부분에서 자신에게 맞는 부분을 골라 총 20학점만 추가하면 됨.

Ethics Study: 10 credit hours(윤리관련 10학점) 과목리스트

• 인정되는 학점 범위

1) 다음 term이 course title에 포함된 경우(최대 10학점까지 인정)
Business Government & Society
Business Leadership
Business Law
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Legal Environment of Business
Human Resources Management
Management of Organizations
Professional Responsibilities
Organizational Behavior

2) 다음의 Disciplines 관련 course 인 경우 (3학점까지만 인정)

3) Financial Statement Auditing 만 다루는 course (1학점까지만 인정)

위의 내용이 캘리포니아(CA)주 Board of Accountancy 에서 제시하고 있는 가이드라인입니다.
위에 언급되지 않은 유사 과목의 정확한 인정여부는 evaluation을 통해서만 확인 가능합니다.


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